11 June 2012

We are starting to think about producing a violin and a cello on a baroque pattern, and we’d welcome your input. The idea is to make instruments which can be used for authentic Baroque performance, but which aren’t prohibitively expensive.
It’s clear from a bit of initial research that Baroque players are surprisingly interested in new instruments, perhaps because the supply of genuine un-modernized pre-1750 violins is limited, and they tend to be very expensive.
We would like to know what models are most favoured – Amati seems an obvious choice for violins, but perhaps you have other ideas. Some other questions that have been raised :
1. is it important that the neck be constructed in a period manner (using nails) or can a top block arrangement be used, provided the neck angle is correct?
2. is a wedged fingerboard a necessity, a benefit, or a negative?
3. would you prefer an antiqued or a modern finish?
Any other thoughts or observations would be very welcome.