29 January 2021

Dear European Customers

Everyone who buys and sells violins (or indeed anything) is quickly realizing that the new trade arrangements between the EU and the UK bear very little resemblance to the promised “free trade”. Right now the courier services are overwhelmed by the complexities of import/export paperwork, the collecting of VAT, and the lack of clarity over how to process returns. The trade in violins and bows between the UK and the EU, so vital and healthy for so many decades, has suddenly fallen off the edge of a cliff…

However, we saw this coming and have been preparing for it. By working with partners in the EU and by absorbing some of the costs ourselves we are able to offer the same prices as before to our EU customers, without any additional taxes or customs issues. It may take longer for items on approval to reach you, but they will get there! Please expect a shipping time of around 14 days.

In the meantime, we are lobbying the UK government to introduce a saner and more workable solution for antiques and second hand goods sold across the UK/EU border.