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Violins for sale under £5,000

Get more sound for your £ with our new handmade violins

Professional Violins £5,000-20,000

Contemporary and antique violins for advanced students and professionals

Antique Violins £20,000-50.000

Fine violins selected for tone, provenance and condition

Rare Violins over £50,000

Violins from notable makers for demanding professionals and collectors

We seek out old violins with great sound and also have new violins made to our exacting specifications. As a violin dealer, we specialise in instruments suitable for professional violinists, students and amateurs. We’re primarily interested in tonal qualities and playability, rather than the antique value of violins, so we don’t stock expensive violins unless they also sound good.

It may seem strange, but we don’t put violin sound samples on the website! This is because recorded sound is totally different to what is heard by a violinist. We think the most important thing about a violin is how it sounds under the ear, and how much it inspires the player, so sound samples are a distraction when choosing a violin. Also, they are easy to manipulate, and they are often used to sell violins which don’t actually sound good in reality.

The only way to know if you like a violin is to play it. So we try to help people to narrow down their choice by discussing their preferences, and then the customer has a 14-day period after purchase to decide if they want to keep the violin. We do, however, sometimes do comparative recordings for interested customers – if we’re discussing specific violins with someone it can help to do recordings (under identical conditions) which highlight the differences between them.

Martin has been a violin dealer since 2007 and we have helped many people to find their perfect violin – look at reviews from violinists or at notable sales.

Benedict Morris with Nicola Benedetti

MSV customer, Benedict Morris, at a workshop with Nicola Benedetti

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