We’re now based in the Cathedral City of Wells, Somerset, UK

7 July 2018
We are now permanently installed in Wells, Somerset. 
Wells is a great place to visit, with an incredible 12th century cathedral …

A twice weekly market …

Swans …

And more swans …

And now Martin Swan Violins!

We have been working very hard restoring a fine old Georgian building, but the violins have not been contributing – they just sprawl on the couch like a bunch of students.

A Tononi has taken the best chair …

We have got a bit behindhand with listings, but we have some very exciting new arrivals, bows in particular.

For example, this drawer of our new bow cabinet contains a Dominique Peccatte, two Pajeots, two Maires and an Henry. Soon to be joined by Francois Peccatte, Nicholas Simon, Pierre SImon and others …

So far we have only finished fitting out two of four public rooms, but we are already welcoming customers and hope to see many more.

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