Tourte is without question the most prestigious name in the history of bow-making. While FX Tourte was largely responsible for the design of bow that we recognize today, his older brother NL or “Tourte l’Ainé” was equally revolutionary.

This is a beautifully preserved example of NL Tourte’s later period – it’s very close to the example cited in “L’Archet” at page 111 (plate 26).

Some defining features of NL Tourte are the rather spectacular barred pernambuco, the “bottlenose” head, and the distinctive frog shape. Although the original frog and button are ivory, the bow is currently mounted with a copy frog. The buyer will of course receive the original frog and wuld have the option to restore the bow to its original state.
The condition of the bow is excellent – no issues to report.

This is a bow for a performer specialising in classical repertoire and set-up, and as such I’m not going to attempt to assess it, except to say that its tonal qualities are very refined, particularly in the higher harmonics. As a collector’s piece it’s quite remarkable …

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