Nicolas Mathieu Violin, Mirecourt circa 1800


Nicolas Mathieu ViolinA fine early Mirecourt violin in mint condition and with an excellent sound

There are a whole slew of Mirecourt makers sharing the Mathieu family name, but generally we see their violins with a “Nicolas Mathieu” brand, as is the case with this instrument. The style is distinctive to the early Mirecourt makers – bold edgework, some varnish shading, rather upright f-holes and a rounded monolithic scroll.

This violin is a typical example, were it not for the fact that it’s in astounding condition. There are no cracks or damages, and the original varnish is beautifully preserved.

The sound is unusually fine for an early Mirecourt violin – it’s very expressive and woody, with a silvery sheen throughout the register. Above all it has a delightful combination of clarity and “shimmer”, making it an ideal instrument for baroque and early classical repertoire. Excellent response, good volume, and an even temperament from bottom to top. At 36.1 it’s not the ideal violin for a smaller player, but if you are looking for a bigger instrument with serious tonal quality, look no further.

Length of back 36.1cm, stop 131/194mm

Certificate: Jean-Jacques Rampal, Paris 2015

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Nicolas Mathieu Violin Nicolas Mathieu Violin Nicolas Mathieu Violin Nicolas Mathieu Violin

Nicolas Mathieu Violin  

Ref: SR91

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