This is an exceptional example of the work of Nicolo Bergonzi – a first class concert instrument and in very good condition.

As the grandson of Carlo, Nicolo Bergonzi was a direct inheritor of the traditions of the Stradivari workshop. This violin is a particularly attractive example of the late Cremonese school and it exudes quality and refinement.

Believed to be from the estate of Joseph Joachim, this instrument spent most of its life as a Michael Angelo Bergonzi until a dendro examination carried out by Peter Ratcliff revealed a date in the mid 1770s. However, the model is so convincingly that of Michael Angelo that we must assume there are other Michael Angelos that are in fact made by Nicolo!

The condition of the violin is very good, and a full diagramatic condition report is available on request. There has been no hidden restoration, and what you see is what you get.

The table has a full length crack above and below the right f-hole. The crack is very neatly restored and perfectly aligned but the varnish has shrunk a bit on one side. There’s a post patch but no real sign of a table post crack. There are various very small edge cracks. There are a few very fine cracks in the ribs, all neatly patched on the inside. The back has a crack running down the lower left bout, very well restored.

The vast majority of Cremonese violins have a lot more restoration than this, albeit done more discreetly…!

Soundwise this violin is quite exceptional, and it would stand up to comparison with some of the best violins in the world.

Don’t be deceived by the narrowness of the model – this is a very well thought out violin which projects in a large hall yet without sacrificing beauty and nobility of tone.

Completely even throughout the register, friendly and forgiving under the ear but packing a real punch, this is a violin on which you could make a career. It’s infinitely versatile, full of colours and surprises, yet completely dependable.

A unique individual, authoritative yet charming, and fit for purpose at the highest level.

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