This is an unusually fine gold and ebony mounted bow from the Nürnberger shop, probably the work of Philipp Paul Nürnberger. It’s a beautiful example of the higher-end production of this workshop.

The features which point to Philipp Paul Nürnberger are the “goldfish” mother of pearl and the kyped back face of the head, but in truth it’s hard to be sure which member of the family made a particular bow – this could also be a late work by Franz Albert. In all events, it’s a beautiful bow made with a deep red flamed pernambuco – the workmanship is of a very high standard, even for a Nürnberger. The stick is octagonal section, mounts are gold and ebony.

The condition is pretty good – there’s some wear to the thumb projection, there’s a bit of a dent on the audience side of the stick just beyond the lapping, and there are a few nibbles to the upper part of the stick. However, this all should be considered reasonable wear for a bow of this age, and the price is appropriate to the condition.

This is a great bow – Nürnbergers can be a bit stiff and unsubtle, but this one is very lively and responsive. The sound is super-clean and refined, very crisp off the string but sitting nicely in the string on legato strokes. This isn’t a power bow, and if you’re looking to hammer out the Brahms it’s probably too soft. But if you’re looking for a sprightly bow to lend Mozartian elegance and wit to your playing, this would be an ideal choice.

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