Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris circa 1825

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Persoit Violin Bow
FX Tourte, Persoit, Peccatte – these are without doubt the most important of the French makers. Here we have a superb silver and ivory mounted Persoit, highly collectable and a wonderful playing stick for a soloist.

Persoit is a maker whose name is spoken in hushed tones. His work spans the gap between FX Tourte and Dominique Peccatte, and the quality of his bows is equal to both. Until quite recently his work was generally mistaken for that of FX Tourte, but Paul Childs’ ground-breaking work has done much to clear things up.

This particular bow is a very fine specimen, most notable for its extreme modernity, the quality of the wood, and its playing qualities. Although the fittings are silver and ivory, we are presenting it with ebony mounts. It’s a bow which will find its way onto the concert stage, and there are still restrictions in force which can make it difficult to tour with ivory bows. The new mounts are perfect copies of Persoit from this period, and were made by Yannick Le Canu. Of course the original ivory mounts come with the bow – a collector might choose to reinstate them.

The condition of the bow is very good – there are a couple of dents in the head, probably an accident with the lid of a case, but there is no weakness. Otherwise the bow is in remarkable condition. The stick is of octagonal section dark red-brown pernambuco of exceptional quality.

I’ve played a few good bows by now, and I don’t expect to be impressed, but this bow is exceptional. There’s not much to be said about the balance, camber and action of this bow – it’s perfect. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to achieve this but it must be, since very few bows are so free from quirks. What is worth talking about is the tonal quality, and the sense of connection with the sound. I’m sure it’s science rather than alchemy, but a really fine bow just makes the music better – whether it’s to do with the tonal properties of the stick or the player’s enhanced sense of control over the sound, I can’t say.

It’s a great thing when a very expensive bow justifies its price tag! I would hope to come across a better bow in my lifetime, but I don’t suppose it will be this year or next…

Mounts: silver/ivory

Dimensions: Length 73.6cm, weight 60.5 grams

Certificate: Raffin/Le Canu/Bigot, Paris 2017

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Persoit Violin Bow Persoit Violin Bow
Persoit Violin Bow Persoit Violin Bow
Persoit Violin Bow Persoit Violin Bow
Persoit Violin Bow Persoit Violin Bow

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