Peter Goodfellow Violin, Elgin 2003


Peter Goodfellow ViolinPeter Goodfellow is one of the most respected of contemporary makers – his instruments have won prizes for tone in numerous international competitions. This lovely violin from 2003 is in excellent condition and the sound is tremendous.

Peter Goodfellow is a native Australian who studied at Newark and then set up shop in the Scottish Highlands. It’s very hard to differentiate yourself as a new maker, but Goodfellow’s instruments have always stood out. He achieves great beauty without recourse to antiqueing, the models are bravely individual, and then there’s the tone …!

This particular instrument uses some beautiful Scottish sycamore for back, ribs and scroll and an extraordinary piece of spruce for the table, with even tight grain and a marked “haselfichte” figure. The work is impeccable.

The condition of the violin is excellent with no cracks or repairs. It has been much loved and well played, and there are a few dunts and scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary for a violin that has had some use.

Everyone has a different opinion about contemporary violins, but if they were all of this quality I think the market in antique instruments would dry up overnight. Of course, this is a violin that’s thoroughly played in, but according to the owner it sounded great from the start. It has a phenomenal E string, big and powerful yet broad in harmonics and always rounded and musical, full of quality even at the very top of the fingerboard. The violin as a whole has terrific response without sacrificing power – the overall character is brilliant yet woody, unusually articulate even in the middle of the register, with a lovely broad G to sit underneath everything. I think you could point to a few things to explain the success of this violin – the length of back, the inspired arching, the f-hole design, all things which the highly conservative world of contemporary making would frown upon.

I’ve known this violin for almost a decade and I loved it from the first time I picked it up. Tonally it would stand up against most 6-figure Italian instruments, and aesthetically it has a unique purity and elegance.

Dimensions: length of back 35.1cm, stop 130/195cm

Certificate: original maker’s certificate

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Peter Goodfellow Violin front photo Peter Goodfellow Violin back photo Peter Goodfellow Violin side photo Peter Goodfellow Violin scroll photo
Peter Goodfellow Violin certificate  

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