This is a very fine violin by Piero Parravicini, a student of Antoniazzi and a prolific and successful maker. It’s in fabulous condition and the sound is warm and projecting.

Piero Parravicini was one of a number of makers who flourished in Milan in the early 20th century, hanging onto the coat-tails of the Antoniazzis and the Bisiachs. Parravicini also worked for Mozino, and there’s a certainty and confidence about his work which is only seen in very experienced makers.

This late example made in the last year of his life is beautifully made with first class wood throughout and a lustrous red-orange varnish. The model is Parravicini’s own, with lovely elongated corners, soft edges and a typically buttery scroll.

The condition is outstanding – no cracks or repairs, jut a bit of wear to the treble c-bout and some minor wear to the edges. The original varnish is unusually well preserved and shows a subtle craquelure at the edges.

Parravicini instruments have a well deserved reputation for sound, and this is a very good violin. Antoniazzis can often be rather nasal, Bisiachs can be just too sugary, but here we have a perfectly balanced instrument, very much in the middle of the spectrum tonally and with a solid response.

It’s warm and zingy all at once, consistent throughout the register, quick to respond yet with a nice resistance to the bow, just a great all-round and thoroughly professional instrument.

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