Pierre Pacherele Violin, Nice 1849


Pierre Pacherele ViolinPierre Pacherele is an outstanding maker with a serious following. He is best known for his association with Pressenda, and his violins are the most successful expression of the collaboration between Paris and Turin.

By 1849, Pacherele had evolved his own very refined Stradivari model. He had abandoned the reddish varnish which owed so much to Pressenda, but retained the flat arching and light build which is so crucial to the tonal quality of the Turin makers. In this violin we have a mature expression of Pacherele’s skill – great wood choice, a beautiful lustrous varnish, and very finely judged woodwork, at once crisp and buttery.

The condition is good but not outstanding – there’s a repaired bassbar crack starting below the bridge (very fine repair), also a minimal table post crack – the lower table corners have been capped, there are various minor edge cracks, and there’s some retouch around the button. The original varnish is well preserved and unusually attractive.

Pacherele has a great reputation for sound, and this violin is certainly not going to let him down! It has the power that players look for in a Pressenda, but it also has a Strad-like brilliance – too often Pressendas have a slightly dirty or hollow quality which grabs you at first but quickly becomes a bit boring. This violin has a lot of high frequency energy, but it also has a very satisfying growl in the lower register. It’s a real soloist’s instrument, super-responsive and a joy to play, with great projection and the essential mix of clarity and tonal colour. It’s also the perfect size, and in combination with well-conceived flat arching, you are always going to be heard.

Ok, this is the kind of violin you need to be on top of, but it’s in very select company tonally, and at the price it’s pretty much unbeatable.

Dimensions: length of back 35.3cm, stop 130/195mm

Certificate: Andreas Post, Amsterdam (pro forma)

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Pierre Pacherele Violin front photo Pierre Pacherele Violin back photo Pierre Pacherele Violin side photo Pierre Pacherele Violin scroll photo
Pierre Pacherele Violin label  

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