Another great Pierre Simon – it’s our favourite kind of bow, a terrific player in top condition, all original and well certified.

Pierre Simon is one of the illustrious group of makers who worked for JB Vuillaume in the mid-19th century. Their work is the core of the French tradition, and Pierre SImon is one of the most respected makers of this group. His bows show great individuality, and they always sound great.

This late example was made for Gand & Bernardel around 1875. It has a stick of round section mid-brown pernambuco with a marked flame – mounts are silver and ebony. Unusually for a Peccatte school bow, all the silver is original.

The bow is in top condition – there’s absolutely no wear, and the stick is free of dunts and nibbles.

A Simon bow will never let you down…

This is a pretty typical example – supple yet strong and reactive, with a full, opulent sound. Simon achieved the specific property of his sticks by using an oval cross-section that’s taller than it is wide – this concentrates the strength in the right places, and allows for an unusual density of tone for a given weight. The bow feels quite insubstantial in the hand, yet the tone is massive and the bow seems to do most of the work without requiring effort. The effect is surprising and takes some getting used to, but once you get on top of it there’s no going back.

It’s a delight to see a fine Peccatte School bow in this sort of condition – the fact that it’s a superb player is an added bonus!

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