Here’s another lovely Salsedo violin from 1928, slightly bigger and bolder than the other example we have. The main difference is that it’s red not yellow…

The Great God of Google doesn’t like it if we repeat ourselves, but you can find out a good deal about Luigi Salsedo violins on this listing.

It has been a bit of a personal mission of ours to shine a light on these fascinating instruments, and we hope that our work will prevent them from being mis-classified in the future.

This example is in great condition overall – it has a very neat button repair but no other cracks or damages, and the original varnish is very well preserved.

Salsedos always sound good and we have always look out for them – this one has a big and robust tone, quite dark in the middle and lower register but with a lyrical and singing upper register. It likes a firm bow but it can be played hard and it has excellent reserves of volume.

It’s not easy to find grounds for preferring one of our Salsedos to the other – they are both excellent all-round instruments for the price. The only signifiant point of difference (apart from the colour) is the size, and this one would suit a larger player.

The violin has an excellent recent set-up by Robin McHugh.

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