The entire experience of working with Martin has been a delight. He is invested in not only making superior instruments, but also making real connections with musicians – matching them with the right instrument and sharing the passion we all feel for music. He was generous with his communication and time at every stage. As the cello was being made, he asked perceptive questions about what I would most like in the instrument. Once it arrived he worked meticulously with me to give the cello the best set-up possible at my end and helped me understand what kind of settling-in process new instruments go through.

“The technical qualities of this cello would please any level of player. Projection, sustain, resonance, complexity, power and volume are all excellent. It was remarkably open right away, with a singing resonance to the wood. There are no dead spots or flaws to work around. The quality of the work makes for a generous, easy player but never an insipid one. Quick response plus even volume, character & projection across all strings & registers – basically the cello is never in my way. It allows me to express all the musicality I can muster without over thinking technique.

“All of this would be enough to say, wouldn’t it? But it would be meaningless to have all this technical goodness if the instrument sounded boring! Bold and expressive – arresting at forte, a delicate soaring sweetness at pianissimo – no matter the dynamics or voicing, the tone & projection are always alive and speaking. The character of timbre is a dark and full core, with a rich raspy bite to attacks and a sweet brilliance in the harmonics. It’s beautiful under the ear and out in front its vibrance fills the space. And while pretty is as pretty does, it is a striking instrument. Classic lines and arching with an artistic, translucent varnish that both highlights the beauty of the wood and is a softly textured, lively addition to it. My cello gets compliments from everyone who sees it. My response? “Just wait till you hear it!

“Martin, it’s been an absolute pleasure – culminating in an instrument I love to hear, and love to play. Many many thanks :)”
Cat, USA

Getting the best set-up for a new cello