My violin arrived safely no problems or damage. I’m afraid I don’t agree with your assessment of its tonal qualities. When you said, “I can’t pretend that these are the best-sounding instruments we’ve made,” I think what you actually meant was this is the best sounding instrument we have ever made…!

It is certainly the best sounding one I have played. Although I am certainly no expert I was on a £4,500 Nicolo Croce and a £2,700 Philip Haycock Guarneri last week in my music store as well as some antique instruments (that I might actually be able to afford – C20th unlabelled French, German, etc) and this outperforms them easily.

I’ve only done about 4 hours in the last couple of days but I am astonished at the sound it produces. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it but the sound seems so layered, complex, and rich. It is even across and up the strings. The lows have depth and power without being gritty or coarse and the highs are sweet without being piercing. The sustain is like playing in a cathedral, it goes on and on. You can really feel and hear the wood singing when you play.

I knew I would love this instrument at first sight although I didn’t ever expect to be able to own it. Kismet.
Allan Green, UK

The best sounding instrument I have played