November 2017
Having bought a violin for myself (MSV 131), I decided to see whether it was possible to get a quality violin made for my daughter, who’d played for about a year at the time. I also liked Martin’s trade-in offer, which means I can effectively buy her a full-size instrument in instalments with access to great part-size violins along the way!

I contacted Martin, and he had two 1/4 sized instruments in stock, and he sent over details and photos, from which my daughter chose the one she preferred the look of (MSV 119). I bought a Stentor Student II as well to get a decent bow and case, and the difference in quality between the instruments is ridiculous – the mass produced one sounds like it’s made out of cardboard by comparison.

A few months on, Skye (age 6 1/2!) has this to say: “It’s a really good violin. I enjoy playing. It makes an amazing sound. It’s the best violin ever (but I don’t think people will believe me)!” Her teacher is very impressed too.
John & Skye, London, UK