March 2021
Over some years previously I had acquired two bows from Martin, each one a distinct and welcome improvement on the last. Trusting his expertise and judgement, I approached him again last year with the idea of upgrading my fiddle. After trying several, I instead blew my entire budget on yet another bow – this time a Sartory! – from a large selection of bows in a wide range of prices that Martin had laid out. He suggested as before that I just see what I liked without knowing what was what, and without any prompting from him, though he was not surprised that the Sartory was in the end my choice. As for me, not even my previous acquisitions had prepared me for the truly enormous difference a really first-class bow could make when well matched with player and fiddle – and for this I thank Martin, his experience and expertise, his sensible advice and gentle guidance. I am only an amateur, but it has transformed for me the ease and enjoyment of playing, and opened possibilities I could only imagine before. Years of fun to come. Enormous thanks to Martin, as well as to Eugène…
Oliver Watson, UK

Oliver Watson