Hilde Schroeven-Deceuninck, UK

image link MSV 73 Stradivarius Molitor Violin

Every string vibrates through the violin into my body...May 2014
“First of all thank you for organizing such a swift delivery: it arrived just after lunch time today. Which of course kept my nerves going, so my husband has sent me immediately pictures.

Waw! 3-fold waw! It looks stunning with all the rosewood fittings on, absolutely what I had hoped for. I do enjoy very much that there is no artificial effort in making it look “old”; it is not, so why fake it? But even more, the sound is fabulous, exactly in line with what you had described and definitely exceeding my expectations! I only played for about 5 minutes since I had to dash back to work, but what sprang immediately to mind is that every string vibrates through the violin into my body. None of the others that I test had this! And as a last, the ease of playing.. remarkable, also perfect size for me, it really is MY instrument. Wonderfully gentle strings as well! I had a strong bond already with it from the website and everything is just perfect, no doubt! It confirms even more that there is no other place I shall go to in the future when I want to upgrade ;-)

You can know now, that I have tried about 16 violins over the last 10 days, a marathon – of those I had come down to 2 instruments and after playing them for only a few days I knew I could never bond with them… So despite it being risky that I put up my hopes so high with the Molitor, I knew deep down it was right.

I shall explore it in much more depth in the coming days and come back to you. But what is totally clear is that I will cherish it as my very first excellent violin ;-)

Thank you so much for all your support throughout – it has been a pleasure working with you.”
Hilde Schroeven-Deceuninck

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