January 2018
I was nearly at the point of giving up violin playing when someone suggested that I consider a better instrument to do justice to the hours of practice as a young player. Not being a professional musician, I was at a loss to know where to start. How do you find an adequately priced but good quality violin from the many dealers out there?

I had a very good initial impression from Martin Swan Violins when I looked at their website. It did not take much persuasion following discussions with Martin for him to show me some of his fine instruments as part exchange for my existing one. The Caussin was in excellent condition and as Martin correctly predicted, matched my personal tastes perfectly.

I have been playing a lot more of late and judging by the responses from recent performances will definitely continue. Thank you Martin for finding me such an excellent companion and restoring my love of the instrument. Now to look for a suitable bow!
Tuck-Kay Loke, Kent, UK

Tuck Loke