June 2014
I would like to thank you again for recommending this violin (Kriz) to us. It was so nice of you to pick out a few violins according to our preferences and budget, explained in details, and recorded the sound of each violin as we could not try them out ourselves. Even though they all sounded great, we had our preference over one particular – Kriz, and that really helped us making the decision.

My son, Cameron, has been playing with his new violin for few months now. Even when he was not big enough to play with this violin back then, he loved it so much after his first playing, and insisted to switch to it right away. We all enjoy the sound and the look of it. The sound is warm but powerful. The dynamic range that Cameron can manage with it is amazing. From time to time, he has the opportunities to play in front of others and many praised about his violin sound. At a recent violin audition for a music camp, the teacher commented that she wondered how a tiny person could produce such powerful sound with such expressions! We are all very happy with this purchase, seeing Cameron enjoying in playing the violin a lot more now.

Also, my elder daughter is still enjoying her violin bow (A. Reis) we bought from you two years ago. She used it during her ABRSM diploma exam and did very well. Our violin teacher thinks it suits her perfectly and it is sufficient for her to use it for more advanced playings.

We would definitely go to your shop when the time comes to upgrade our violins and bows. Thank you so much!
Yue May Ada Lam, China