September 2014
Firstly can I extend my utmost sincere gratitude … for providing an instrument of such utter beauty. I have had chance to play the violin in various settings, from large concert hall to small chamber ensemble and always, without fail people comment as to the sound that this wonderful instrument makes. I cannot understand how an instrument that was made so recently can possess such a mature and complex tone, especially in the high registers. It simply soars and sings with such ease and such purity, it can almost be overwhelming at times.

It will be an amazing experience to hear how the violin’s voice changes over a period of time.

I find myself seeking out the largest venues that I can get into and finding the violin simply fills the whole space. I finally understand what my teacher sometimes talked about when he spoke of the sound of his own instrument being ‘up there’!

In conclusion therefore, once again can I reiterate my heartfelt and sincere thanks to yourself for providing a musician with such a wonderful and sophisticated voice to express himself. It’s something I didn’t think possible, it really does give a much wider scope to express music with. The luthier who made is truly a master at his craft, in every sense of the word.
Jonathan Polson, UK

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