Thank you Martin for providing such a wonderful instrument, I really love it with a passion. It is everything and more than I could have expected. I was looking for something that had qualities that were in reality far outside my price range but somehow you managed to find an instrument that far exceeded anything I had any right to expect. This instrument and I will go on a long journey together of that I am sure. Your descriptions were spot on, as impressive as the service you gave, at all times.

When the instrument arrived with me in Bergen all was clearly not well, as I could not match your descriptions of the violin’s sound with the instrument I had in my hands. You helped me establish that the sound post had moved and after only a few minutes at a luthiers everything fell into place and it was clear that this was a special instrument indeed. Wild horses would not drag the violin from my hands now and I will forever thank you for that.
Tony Harrison, Norway Record Producer and Conductor

Tony Harrison on a violin's sound