Riccardo Genovese was the principal student of Annibale Fagnola, but his work is softer and the sound always more successful. This is a fine example in great condition with a powerful and very even sound.

Riccardo Genovese was a musician who turned to violin-making in his late 30s uder the tutelage of his friend Annibale Fagnola, also from Montiglio. He quickly became very skilled, and his violins are now highly regarded for their quality of sound – not something that can be said for Fagnola, many of whose instruments are slightly less pleasing in sound than nails on a blackboard.

Genovese also produced a very beautiful varnish texture, and we see in his work a splendid example of what can be achieved without recourse to antiqueing or premature ageing. This violin has a beautiful lustrous orange-gold varnish with the grain of the spruce clearly visible in the surface.

The violin is in excellent condition with no cracks or damages.

This is the second Genovese we have had this year – the other was also from 1926. Although the models are very different and each violin has a different tonal character, both are excellent players.

This example is bright, clear, very well balanced, and able to handle a lot of bow pressure. The high register is unusually full and melodic, but the whole violin has a great combination of focus and fizz. With a quick response and clean attack, this is an instrument which will perform best for an accomplished player with strong technique.

Ideal for an advanced conservatoire student or a recital soloist.

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