A fine early 20th century Italian violin by Romedio Muncher, erstwhile apprentice to Enrico Ceruti and employee of Aristide Cavalli. It’s in near perfect condition and the sound is warm, muscular and beautifully balanced.

Romedio Muncher was a talented professional maker who receives two stars in Marlin Brinser’s “Dictionary of 20th Century Italian Violin Makers”. His instruments remain very affordable largely because of his connection with the Claudio Monteverdi range of trade instruments made in Cremona under Aristide Cavalli. However, from 1920 Muncher was an independent maker following his own model, and the violins from this period are on a different level.

This example is very typical with a brilliant cherry red varnish, large upper bouts, elongated corners and heavily fluted f-holes.

The condition is excellent – apart from a small wing crack to the treble f-hole there are no damages, and the varnish is very well preserved.

Modern Italian instruments are quite a mixed bag, and it is a constant source of amazement to me that people will pay often a huge premium for a violin that sounds like a strangled cat, simply because it’s Italian.

And yet this violin is Italian, it’s inexpensive, AND it sounds great – which just goes to show that some aspects of violin pricing defy logic…!

The sound is excellent – warm, responsive and characterfu!. It has power and articulacy throughout the register and there are no weak points. It’s a versatile instrument which lends itself to all types of music, but it’s particularly suited to Romantic repertoire.

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