This is an outstanding early Hill cello bow made by Samuel Allen. Gold and ebony mounted and in pristine condition, this is one of the most beautiful Hill bows in existence.

Sam Allen was the first bowmaker to be employed by the firm of WE Hill & Sons, and he worked for them between about 1880 and 1890. Before that time bows were made for WE Hill by James Tubbs, with a few rare examples by FN Voirin.

Allen is regarded as the greatest of all the Hill makers, and one of the finest English makers of all time. This particular bow is a superb example of his work – the pernambuco is beautifully flamed, the ebony is the best quality, and the gold shield is very striking.

The condition of the bow is outstanding – if it weren’t for a bit of wear to the audience side of the handle you would think it was unused. The frog and button are super-crisp and the stick is pretty much unmarked.

The bow is illustrated in the publication “Arthur Bultitude and the Hill Tradition” (Richard Sadler 2000).

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