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Emile Ouchard Cello Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925

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Emile Ouchard Cello Bow
Emile Ouchard was a prolific maker who made bows of varying qualities for many different firms, but his best work is extremely fine – here we have an unusually good cello bow of his in excellent condition. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1900

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James Tubbs Violin Bow
When Tubbs bows are good they’re really good! This is a super late period example – quite light but stiff and nervy, drawing a very fine tone. More details

Giovanni Schwarz Small Viola, Venice 1913

£25,000 On trial

Giovanni Schwarz Small ViolaGiovanni Schwarz was the nephew and apprentice of Eugenio Degani. This instrument bears an authentic Degani label, but it’s signed by Schwarz. Is it a Degani or a Schwarz? Quite a tricky conundrum, but either way a very fine Venetian small viola with an outstanding sound. More details

Louis Gillet Violin Bow for Lavest, circa 1935

£11,000 On trial

Louis Gillet Violin Bow
Louis Henri Gillet is best known as the maker of many late Sartory bows, but he was a formidable maker in his own right before this collaboration. This bow makes the point perfectly – very elegant work and an almost perfect playing bow. More details

Etienne Laprevotte Violin, Paris 1825

£11,000 On trial

Etienne Laprevotte ViolinEtienne Laprevotte is a rare Parisian maker who brought innovation and refinement to an essentially Mirecourt style. He is well documented in the literature as luthier to the Duke of Bordeaux, and principally known as a maker of fine guitars. This is the only violin I have seen of his, and all the more rare for being in excellent condition. More details

John Wilkinson Viola, London circa 1930

£15,000 On trial

John Wilkinson ViolaJohn Wilkinson was a highly talented English maker of the early 20th century, best known for the copies of classical instruments he made for J&A Beare. This viola is a lovely example of his copy style. More details

Paul Blanchard Violin, Lyon 1894

£30,000 On trial

Paul Blanchard ViolinPaul Blanchard was an outstanding maker who worked for HC Silvestre before setting up his own workshop in Lyon. The violins he made pre-1900 are vey highly regarded, and the del Gesu models particularly so. This violin is a spectacular example in mint condition, with an outstanding concert sound. More details

Joseph Hel Violin, Lille 1889

£34,500 On trial

Joseph Hel ViolinThis is a very fine del Gesu copy by one of the most interesting of late 19th century French makers, Joseph Hel. It’s in unusually fine condition with no cracks or damages. More details

Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow, Paris circa 1970

£5,500 On trial

Jean-Jacques Millant Violin Bow
This is a very fine Peccatte model violin bow by one of the most popular mid-20th century French makers. The stick is of round section orange pernambuco, the frog mounted in a semi-trench in the style of EA Ouchard. An exceptional bow in great condition. More details

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