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WE Hill & Son Cello Bow, London circa 1920

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WE Hill & Son Cello Bow
This is a very fine Hill cello bow in silver and tortoiseshell, bearing the maker’s mark of William Johnston. It’s a rare early example in spectacular condition, and commanding a premium price. More details

August Edwin Prager Viola Bow, Schönlind circa 1920

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August Edwin Prager Viola Bow
Edwin Prager was a less prolific maker than his brother Gustav, but his work is very refined and slightly more sought after. This is a beautiful example in excellent condition, originally sold by Beare & Son More details

Alfred Acoulon Violin, Mirecourt circa 1910

£9,000 On trial

Alfred Acoulon Violin,Alfred Acoulon was the foremost luthier employed by the Jerome Thibouville Lamy workshops, and he produced their flagship instruments under the soubriquet “Lutherie Parisienne”. Violins sold under his label were made entirely by him – in 1912 an Alfred Acoulon cost 20 times the price of a Geronimo Barnabetti. More details

Albert Nürnberger Viola Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920

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Albert Nürnberger Viola Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920
This is a very fine Nürnberger family viola bow, probably an early work by Carl Albert Nürnberger. The brand with a * at each end came into use after 1910, yet some archaic aspects of this bow’s construction suggest that it can’t be much later than that. The bow has a silver face and a pinned underslide, and it oozes style. The stick is of beautifully flecked round section pernambuco – mounts are silver and ebony.
More details

Domingos F Capela Violin, Espinho (Portugal) 1967

£8,000 On trial

Domingos F Capela violinDomingos F Capela was the first member of the Capela dynasty which dominated Portuguese making in the 20th century. He worked very much in the Italian style, with crisp execution and without antiquing, and his violins and those of his sons have always been very popular. This particular violin is quite late, and is modeled on the Paganini “Cannone” by del Gesu. It bears its original certificate from the maker. More details

Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1850

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Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow
A superb Dominique Peccatte violin bow in fine pernambuco, mounts of silver and ebony. Some minor restoration and a replacement button – a fantastic example at a great price. More details

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