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James Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1900

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James Tubbs Viola Bow
This is a rare James Tubbs viola bow in near mint condition – one of the best Tubbs bows we have seen, with a strong but responsive stick and a fabulous sound. More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880

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FN Voirin Violin Bow
Voirin is one of the big names, unrivalled for the beauty and exactness of his work. Here we have an unusually well preserved example of this great maker’s work – it’s also a terrific player with ideal weight and balance. More details

Eugenio Degani Violin, Venice 1893

£55,000 On trial

Eugenio Degani ViolinEugenio Degani is one of the most recognizable of modern Italian makers. His violins are always refined and stylish. Here we have a wonderful sounding example in perfect condition. More details

Giovanni Schwarz Small Viola, Venice 1913

£25,000 On trial

Giovanni Schwarz Small ViolaGiovanni Schwarz was the nephew and apprentice of Eugenio Degani. This instrument bears an authentic Degani label, but it’s signed by Schwarz. Is it a Degani or a Schwarz? Quite a tricky conundrum, but either way a very fine Venetian small viola with an outstanding sound. More details

Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris circa 1830

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Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow
Jean Persoit is one of the most hallowed names in bow-making, and the reputation of his bows amongst soloists is only exceeded by FX Tourte. Here we have a fantastic composite bow, all parts by Persoit, the stick very close to Tourte in design. It also has a certificate by the world’s leading Persoit authority, Paul Childs More details

James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow, London circa 1870

£16,500 On trial

James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow
A good Tubbs is a thing of wonder, and this one is exceptional. Made for WE Hill and branded to the stick and the frog, this is very fine work from Tubbs’ early period. More details

Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris circa 1825

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Persoit Violin Bow
FX Tourte, Persoit, Peccatte – these are without doubt the most important of the French makers. Here we have a superb silver and ivory mounted Persoit, highly collectable and a wonderful playing stick for a soloist. More details

Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1850

£65,000 On trial

Dominique Peccatte Violin Bow
A superb Dominique Peccatte violin bow in fine pernambuco, mounts of silver and ebony. Some minor restoration and a replacement button – a fantastic example at a great price. More details

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