Another splendid cello bow by Thomas Tubbs, made for Simon Andrew Forster – beautifully preserved and retaining all its original “goldfish” pearl.

This is a very interesting bow which beautifully illustrates the transition between Thomas Tubbs and James Tubbs. The head is archaic and monolithic, the frog is half mounted, but it has a nickel underslide and a silver face. The pearl is very distinctive, and can be found again and again on Tubbs family bows between about 1840 and 1870, for example on this early James Tubbs violin bow

The early-mid 19th century English cello and viola bows are highly regarded by musicians – the violin bows tend to be a bit short for most modern players!

The condition of this bow is excellent as you would expect from us – there are some minor string marks on the audience side of the frog, there’s a tiny dent on the top of the head (player’s side), otherwise the bow is in a remarkable state of preservation.

The stick is of beautiful orange-brown pernambuco quite reminiscent of Tourte wood – octagonal section and branded “Foster” to the handle. Mounts are silver and ebony – the ebony has that unique smooth lustre that we see in the better Tubbs bows.

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