Tino Lucke is a highly respected modern maker whose bows are in great demand amongst players. Here we have a beautiful example of his work in mint condition.

This is an exquisite bow made with fantastic materials and showing the most refined craftsmanship – all the more laudable as Lucke only uses hand tools.

The stick is of dark orange round section pernambuco with a distinct flame, mounts are gold and ebony.

The condition is perfect, with not a single mark on the stick.

Tino Lucke has made his reputation on the playing qualities of his bows. Of course the very French inspiration is clear, as is his artistry with the materials, but all that don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing…

The most noticeable thing about this bow is the rare combination of aggressiveness and smooth elasticity. It’s not easy to produce a bow which moves so immediately from tension to relaxation. One feels immediately at home with this bow – the balance is great, and it feels effortless in spite of the fact that it weights over 61 grams with a light lapping.

The spring bristles with energy, yet there’s enough give for the bow to sit in the strings and draw a noble tone. The entire stick works well and harmoniously, with everything in exactly the right place.

Overall I’m going to have to give this bow 10 out of 10 and recommend it to a demanding player with virtuouso tendencies – it’s versatile, supremely controllable, and very inspiring.

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