Joseph Henry Violin Bow, Paris circa 1860


Joseph Henry Violin Bow
Joseph Henry is in my opinion the greatest maker of the Peccatte school. This bow has a replacement frog and is quite worn, but it’s an exceptional player.

This is a very nice composite Henry bow – the stick and button belong together but the frog is a later nickel mounted frog, also of the Peccatte school.

Joseph Henry worked initially for Dominique Peccatte, then went into partnership with Pierre Simon before setting up on his own. He made bows principally for JB Vuillaume and for Gand Freres, but also produced bows with his own stamp such as this one. His bows are heavily influenced by Peccatte, but the sticks are always beautifully balanced and have just the right amount of stiffness, whereas Peccattes can be very variable.

This particular bow has a few minor issues and is priced accordingly. The stick is of excellent red-brown pernambuco, slightly speckled. There’s some wear to the handle (above the frog) and there’s a small repair behind the frog mortise. Other than that the only issue is the replacement frog …

There’s no need to go on about the technical qualities of a good Henry – it would be difficult to find a better bow. The weight, balance, taper and wood density all combine to form a bow that’s supremely comfortable, agile yet powerful, and with a great sound. What you really want from a bow is to move past it very quickly, to cease to be aware of the bow, and just to play music. This is such a bow, able to accompish everything with ease, aboslutely in the centre of the sound, defined, articulate, smooth and nervy all at once.

A real standout!

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 74cm, weight 60 grams

Certificate: JF Raffin Paris 2014

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Joseph Henry Violin Bow base photo Joseph Henry Violin Bow frog photo
Joseph Henry Violin Bow head photo Joseph Henry Violin Bow tip photo
Joseph Henry Violin Bow certificate  

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