This is a very good James Tubbs stick with later mounts – the wood is first class, the sound too.

We sell more bows by James Tubbs than by any other maker – for some general remarks on Tubbs please take a look at our article here.

This bow has lost its original mounts, but someone has made a decent attempt at a copy frog, complete with rounded ferrule and a wide back plate.

The stick is of round section pernambuco of excellent quality and with a marked flame – one of the nicer Tubbs sticks we have seen, and for this reason it seems to have escaped the usual nitric acid treatment. The colour is a vivid red-orange.

The stick has a tiny bit of wear to the top facet, and there’s a slight tear to the grain on top of the stick near the lapping – otherwise there are no condition issues.

There is a peculiar magic about a good Tubbs – this is surely why they crop up again and again in the hands of soloists. The action can take a bit of getting used to, but the sticks made with denser wood have unique concentration of tone – quite unlike the work of any other maker.

This is such a bow, buttery and opulent, sprightly and controllable off the string but with great adhesion and attack. It also possesses that other curious quality of a good Tubbs – the way the stick just seems longer, or at least, it doesn’t run out as fast in legato passages!

This is very much a musician’s bow, but buying a great stick with later mounts is a great way to get the sound and feel without burning too much of a hole in the pocket.

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