This is an unusually beautiful Victor Fétique in great condition. Made with spectacularly flamed wood, and a great player into the bargain.

1925 was the year in which Fétique was named “Premier Archetier de France”, and this bow from around 1925 is one of the most elegant and well realised Fétiques we have seen. The wood is outstanding, and the head is just so elegant – even the finish to the bow seems more lustrous than normal.

The stick is of wildly figured round section orange pernambuco – mounts are silver and ebony, the ebony of unusually fine quality. The ring of the pearl eye on the player’s side is slightly damaged, otherwise the bow is in excellent condition.

For truly spectacular playing bows you have to look to the early 19th century makers like Tourte and Persoit. And you need a hefty bank balance! But for a 20th century French bow I would say you couldn’t do better than this one. It has the perfect balance of strength and nervous energy – a real soloist’s bow with a bright yet sophisticated sound and bags of attack. I won’t go on about it – suffice to say that if you are an accomplished and demanding player and this is in your price range, then this Fétique is a stand-out. It’s also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and a thing of rare beauty…

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