Another great Fétique bow, this one gold-mounted – a heavy but lively bow for a power player, and in very good condition.

Victor Fétique produced large numbers of bows in his Paris workshop, always very well executed and refined, and is work is increasingly appreciated by musicians.
This example is yery typical, with a compact but strong head, an elegant frog with markedly concave sides, and a plain button with two pins. The round stick is of nicely marked red-brown pernambuco, the mounts are ebony and rose gold.

the condition is generally excellent – some middle finger wear to the top of the stick and a few tiny nibbles to the varnish ehere and there.

I keep putting this bow on the scales to check that it’s really 65 grams – it doesn’t play like a heavy bow! The balance is excellent, and it has a responsive yet controllable spring. The sound is very big, full spectrum and with a marked granularity – ideal for bringing some colour to a plain-sounding instrument. Lots of nice crunch at the start of the note, plenty of life in the middle of the stick, and a rock-solid legato which drags out the sound with very little effort. Very dense in tone, slightly dark, and unusually comfortable in the hand.

This would be a great bow for a soloist looking to project big repertoire – I recently read that Augustin Hädelich uses a bow of this weight. It would also work well as a “tweener” ie. a violin bow which can double as a viola bow.

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