This is our current selection of violas for sale, including our new handmade instruments, contemporary/ 20th century and antique violas. We specialise in small violas for adult players.

A Mittenwald Small Viola circa 1830


Mittenwald Small ViolaThis is a very attractive small viola made in Mittenwald in the early 1800s. It’s in good condition and it has surprisingly warm and full sound. More details

Johann Scheverle Viola, Prague circa 1770

£12,000 On trial

Johann Scheverle ViolaWe have become completely besotted with the Prague makers – their instruments are of the highest level tonally, yet still so undervalued in the marketplace. Scheverle is a rare maker who is believed to have apprenticed with Hellmer – here we have a superb sounding viola of an excellent size. More details

Giovanni Schwarz Small Viola, Venice 1913

£25,000 Reserved

Giovanni Schwarz Small ViolaGiovanni Schwarz was the nephew and apprentice of Eugenio Degani. This instrument bears an authentic Degani label, but it’s signed by Schwarz. Is it a Degani or a Schwarz? Quite a tricky conundrum, but either way a very fine Venetian small viola with an outstanding sound. More details

Alberto Guerra Viola, Modena 1957


Alberto Guerra ViolaMade by Alberto Guerra, this is an excellent yet affordable modern Italian viola of good proportions with a warm, fruity sound. It has a slightly “lived-in” appearance but is free from any condition issues. More details

Small Viola probably by Francesco Maurizi , Appignano circa 1840


Probably Francesco Maurizi Small ViolaFrancesco Maurizi is a relatively obscure maker from the Marche region of central Italy. His violins are much admired for their quality of sound, though the construction can be quite hurried. This viola is a great example, with an unusually deep and noble sound for its size. More details

Gand & Bernardel Viola, Paris 1888


Gand & Bernardel ViolaGand & Bernardel were the largest and most prestigious Parisian workshop of the late 19th century. To a great extent they took on the mantle of JB Vuillaume, adopting similar working practices, employing excellent makers and also producing beautiful bows. More details

Piero Parravicini Viola, Bovisio (Milan) 1952

Recently sold

Piero Parravicini ViolaThis is a very fine viola by Piero Parravicini, a student of Antoniazzi and a prolific and successful maker. It’s an excellent size and the sound is rich and powerful. More details

Marino Capicchioni Viola, Rimini 1954


Marino Capicchioni ViolaThis is a fine Italian viola of ideal proportions made by Marino Capicchioni in 1954 – it’s an unusually attractive example in excellent condition, with a big and bold sound. More details

Ansaldo Poggi Viola, Bologna 1954

Price on application

Ansaldo Poggi ViolaAnsaldo Poggi is the most highy valued violinmaker of the 20th century, and here we have a rare viola in mint condition. An outstanding collector’s piece and a beautiful sounding instrument. More details

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