This is a very fine silver-mounted FN Voirin in mint condition – unlike many better preserved Voirins, it’s a strong stick of an ideal weight.

Apart from FX Tourte, there is surely no maker who has had more influence on the evolution of the bow than FN Voirin. He brought a level of elegance and perfection to bow-making which was quite new, and everyone who came after Voirin stands somehow in his shadow.

This bow is a very pure example of his later style, graceful and minimal, showing an outstanding level of workmanship.

The stick is of round section orange-brown pernambuco with a vivid figure, mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is superb – no wear to the handle facets, no chips or damages, the brand still crisp

Voirin bows are very highly regarded for their tonal qualities, but many are on the light side or just seem too flexible for modern techinque. This has slightly held back his reputation as a maker, but if you can find an example that has a strong stick then it’s hard to conceive of a better bow.

This one is a tremendous player, just the right side of nervy, weighty yet nimble. The spring is ideal, plenty of elasticity without sacrificing attack.

The sound is classic Voirin, full, pure, and with a very pronounced high frequency emphasis.

Overall an outstanding Voirin in both looks and playability.

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