Michael Taylor is a great contemporary maker who spent most of his working life at Ealing Strings. Now living and working in Spain, Michael continues to make bows of unusual beauty.

I’m a big fan of Michael Taylor’s bows – I always like them, but this one is exceptional. It bears the serial number 1712 under the frog, and according to Michael this dates it to around 1989. It’s something of a luxury bow, with superbly flamed pernambuco in octagonal section and gold/tortoiseshell mounts. The condition is near perfect, with only two careful owners.

If you’re looking for a heavy-ish stick which still feels agile and nervous, this bow is a dream come true. The better modern British makers have tended towards heavier sticks – Garner Wilson and John Stagg also come to mind. Michael Taylor’s bows for Ealing Strings tend to be between 62 and 65 grams, and yet they never feel that heavy. This particular stick is very dense so the cross-section seems manageable, the balance is excellent, and the spring is very finely judged – just the right combination of bounce and heft. A great tone too – open and bright but big and with bags of bite. Highly recommended …!

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