Another great musician’s bow from one of the most highly regarded of makers, Dominique Peccatte. Some minor condition issues but an excellent player.

A Dominique Peccatte has always been the bow of choice for leading players, and this is largely down to their fantastic sonic and technical qualities. But Dominique Peccatte was also a maker with a unique aesthetic vision – we see this in his boldly sculpted heads and in the unique geometry of the frogs.

This bow has had a bit of use, but it’s a classic Peccatte with plenty of life in it. The stick is of round section darkest red pernambuco, mounts are silver and ebony.

The button is a replacement, and the silver of the frog has also been replaced – this is very common with Dominique Peccatte due to the unusual thin-ness of the silver parts. Indeed it’s quite rare to find one of his bows with its original silver.

The condition is generally excellent – however, there’s been a slight push-through from the handle mortise to the top facet which has been very neatly repaired, and there’s a small insert to the bottom facet in front of the handle mortise. In this period Dominique Peccatte cut his mortises rather deep, and it’s not uncommon to see some filler in the top of the handle. Fortunately it’s not a vulnerable spot on the bow and these bows are not compromised in their playability.

This bow spent much of its recent life in the LSO, and it’s a great player with a fat, gorgeous sound. It’s hard to make a wrong move with this bow – the action feels utterly reliable, and it’s very easy to find the right point in the bow for a given tonal colour or to get it off the string.

This is the special quality of a great Peccatte – like a snake dozing in the sun, utterly imperturbable one moment, lethally in motion the next…

Dominique Peccattes have become cripplingly expensive – everyone wants one! So a bow such as this one can be a good option for a serious professional… all its playing qualities intact, structurally sound, but without a collector’s price tag.

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