Victor Fétique was a prolific and very successful maker whose best bows are on the same level as Sartory. This exceptional example is in near mint condition – the sound is full and brilliant.

This is the kind of bow we like most – a beautiful example of a maker’s best work, and in relatively unused condition.

Victor Fétique bows are a mixed bag – he seems to have been a victim of his own success, he used many outworkers, and many bows carrying legitimate brands aren’t up to the standard.

But the top stuff is sublime, and this is a good illustration – perfectly proportioned with exacting workmanship and a super-sharp finish. Some distinctive features of Fétique are the slight upturn to the nose of the head, the narrow throat to the frog and the broad rounded corners of the ferrule. The Parisian eyes are somehow very distinctive but I can’t quite pinpoint why…

The stick of this bow is of deepest red pernambuco with a beautiful figure, round section and highly polished – mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is as new.

However, a bow isn’t just for looking at – fortunately this bow is a great player too. The sound is big and bold with an unusual brilliance. The stick is stiff and resistant, but not to the point of feeling skittish on the strings. It’s not a bow for a timid or fey player, but it isn’t brutal either – it has plenty of elasticity and nuance. Great projection and articulation, and one of those bows that seems to get better the more you ask of it…

Ideal for a soloist performing late romantic or modern repertoire, but also a supremely collectable example of this great maker’s work.

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