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James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1900

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James Tubbs Violin Bow
When Tubbs bows are good they’re really good! This is a super late period example – quite light but stiff and nervy, drawing a very fine tone. More details

Louis Gillet Violin Bow for Lavest, circa 1935

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Louis Gillet Violin Bow
Louis Henri Gillet is best known as the maker of many late Sartory bows, but he was a formidable maker in his own right before this collaboration. This bow makes the point perfectly – very elegant work and an almost perfect playing bow. More details

Victor Fétique Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Victor Fétique Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920
Victor Fétique was an extremely productive maker – the first half of his working life was spent in the employ of CN Bazin and Caressa & Francais, subsequently he ran a busy workshop in his own name, and in 1925 received the honour of “Premier Archetier de France”. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1890

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James Tubbs Violin Bow
No-one would pretend that James Tubbs was a consistent maker, but his best bows are amongst the finest bows ever made. And this rare unmodernised example is unusually good… More details

Claude Thomassin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1905


Claude Thomassin Violin Bow
Claude Thomassin was a very prolific maker whose bows are as much admired for their playing qualities as for their elegance. This is a lovely example, strong yet refined, and in excellent condition. More details

Hippolyte Camille Lamy Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Joseph Alfred Lamy Violin Bow
This is a typically elegant bow by HC Lamy (Fils), very close in style to the work of his father Joseph Alfred Lamy, and in excellent condition. More details

Emile Auguste Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


Emile Auguste Ouchard Violin Bow
Emile Auguste Ouchard is perhaps the only 20th century French maker to rival Sartory in his appeal to musicians. His bows show a rare understanding of the needs of players, and they are highly appreciated. More details

Victor Fétique Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Victor Fétique Violin Bow
This is an unusually beautiful Victor Fétique in great condition. Made with spectacularly flamed wood, and a great player into the bargain. More details

James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow, London circa 1870


James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow
A good Tubbs is a thing of wonder, and this one is exceptional. Made for WE Hill and branded to the stick and the frog, this is very fine work from Tubbs’ early period. More details

Georges Léon Lamy Violin Bow circa 1905


Georges Léon Lamy Violin Bow
Around the turn of the 20th century there was no shortage of great bow-makers in Paris, but Lamy has always been a special name for me. I love the refinement of these bows and their extraordinary sound. They tend not to suit orchestral sluggers, but they have always been popular with players who value expression and nuance. More details

Nicolas Maline Violin Bow, Paris circa 1865


Nicolas Maline violin bow
Nicolas Maline, also known confusingly as Guillaume Maline, is quite a maverick figure from the Golden period of French bow-making. Even his dates are disputed, as is the question of whether or not he worked for Vuillaume. However, his work is unique and distinctive, and of the highest quality. More details

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