A Mirecourt 7/8 Violin, Poirsons Label, 1914£1,350 Available
A Good Mirecourt Violin circa 1920£2,000 Available
Luigi Salsedo Violin, 1928£5,000 Available
Georges Apparut Workshop Violin, Mirecourt 1936£5,500 On trial
Vila Kužel Violin, Brno 1965£6,000 Available
HC Silvestre Workshop Violin, Paris, circa 1890£6,500 Available
Jerome Thibouville-Lamy Violin, Mirecourt 1905£7,250 On trial
A Good Mittenwald Violin, circa 1820£8,500 Available
A Mittenwald Violin, circa 1800 Recently sold
Julius Hubička Violin, Prague 1943£9,500 Available
Antonius Pilar Violin, Stará Paka 1944£11,500 Available
R&M Millant Violin, Paris 1956£15,000 Available
Nicolaus Georg Skomal Violin, Graz 1804 Recently sold
Tomáš Hulinzky Violin, Prague 1776£16,500 Available
Raffaele Calace Violin, Naples 1895£18,000 Available
Jan Kulik Violin, Prague circa 1850£18,000 Available
Mario Gadda Violin, Mantua 1979 Recently sold
FW Chanot Violin, London circa 1890£24,500 Available
A Fine Anonymous Violin, mid 19th Century£25,000 On trial
Paul Bailly Violin, London 1890£25,000 Available
WE Hill & Sons Violin, London 1904£25,000 Available
Emanuel Adam Homolka Violin, Velvary 1825£25,000 Available
JB LeFebvre Violin, Amsterdam 1760£28,000 Available
Paul Blanchard Violin, Lyon circa 1910£29,500 On trial
Johannes Franciscus Cuypers (II) Violin, Amsterdam circa 1840£32,500 Available
Georges Chanot (II) Violin, London 1861 Recently sold
Calcagni Workshop Violin, Genoa circa 1750£35,000 Available
Jacques-Pierre Thibout Violin, Paris 1832£38,500 Available
Jacques-Pierre Thibout Violin, Paris 1825£45,000 Available
Giuseppe Tarasconi Violin, Saronno 1888£46,500 Available
G B Gaibisso Violin, Alassio 1949£47,500 Available
Jean-François Aldric Violin, Paris 1835£52,500 Available
Hippolyte Silvestre Violin, Lyon 1862£57,500 Available
Georges Chanot Violin, Paris circa 1830£60,000 Available
Charles Maucotel Violin, London 1851£60,000 Available
Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815£65,000 Available
Piero Parravicini Violin, Bovisio (Milan) 1957£65,000 On trial
Riccardo Genovese Violin, Montiglio 1926£65,000 Available
Georges Chanot Violin, Paris circa 1835£85,000 Available
Riccardo Antoniazzi Violin, Milan 1911£100,000 Available
Nicolo Gagliano Violin, Naples circa 1770POA Available

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