Student violins for sale through teachers Available
Christian Wilhelm Seidel Violin, Markneukirchen circa 1850£8,000 Available
A Mirecourt Violin circa 1860£9,500 Available
Julius Hubička Violin, Prague 1943£9,500 Available
Heinrich TH Heberlein Violin, Markneukirchen 1927£11,000 Available
Romedio Muncher Violin, Cremona 1929£12,500 Available
Georges Coné Violin, Lyon 1935£15,000 Available
FN Caussin Violin, Neufchateau circa 1860 Recently sold
JB LeFebvre Violin, Amsterdam 1760£28,000 Available
Paul Bailly Violin, London 1890£30,000 Available
A Fine Anonymous Violin, mid 19th Century£30,000 Available
Caspar Strnad Violin, Prague circa 1800 Recently sold
Gand & Bernardel Violin, Paris 1885£38,500 Available
Gand & Bernardel Violin, Paris 1869£42,500 Available
Calcagni Workshop Violin, Genoa circa 1750£45,000 Available
Jacques-Pierre Thibout Violin, Paris 1825£45,000 Available
Ferrucio Varagnolo Violin, Milan 1911£47,500 Available
G B Gaibisso Violin, Alassio 1949£47,500 Available
Giuseppe Desiato Violin, Naples 1900£50,000 Available
Giuseppe Castagnino Violin, Chiavari 1927£52,500 Available
Jean-François Aldric Violin, Paris 1835£58,500 Available
Giulio Degani Violin, Venice 1891£60,000 Available
Eugenio Degani Violin, Venice 1898£60,000 Available
Charles Maucotel Violin, London 1851£65,000 Available
Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815£70,000 Available
Giuseppe Gagliano Violin, Naples circa 1780£195,000 Available
Jean Baptiste Vuillaume Violin, Paris circa 1839POA Available
Giovanni Grancino Violin, Milan circa 1693POA Available

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