Violins For Sale Under £5K

Our current selection of violins for sale below £5,000, including our new handmade MSV instruments.

MSV violins are designed to produce quality of tone using traditional forms and working practices, without the prohibitive price tag of “named maker” violins. Read about how MSV instruments are made.

A Mirecourt 7/8 Violin, Poirsons Label, 1914


Mirecourt 7/8 ViolinThis is a fine sounding Mirecourt 7/8 violin, ideal for a smaller player, and very affordable. More details

MSV 102 Violin, (Standard Violin) 2014


Cremonese pattern violinThis is one of a number of prototypes we made from Cremonese patterns when looking for a successful model with a short back length. This particular violin is 35.2cm but with a conventional stop length, and is designed with the smaller player in mind. Like all of our MSV violins, it’s made entirely with hand tools in Reghin, Transylvania, and is finished with an Italian Balsamic varnish. More details

MSV 108 Stradivarius Pattern Violin with Antique Finish, 2014


MSV 108 Stradivarius Pattern Violin with Antique Finish This is a good Stradivarius pattern violin made entirely with hand tools by one of our Hungarian makers in Reghin. The varnish is an “antiqued” finish which we have developed in collaboration with a specialist restorer in Budapest – we continue to refine this process and welcome any feedback. The sound is charming and refined, not the loudest violin we’ve produced but smooth and silky in character, unusually responsive, even with a light technique. More details

Louis Lowendall Violin, Dresden circa 1900

Recently sold

Louis Lowendall Violin,Every violin shop has to have a Lowendall – like JTL or Collin-Mézin, the name has long been associated with reliability and value for money. This nice Guarneri model Lowendall is in excellent condition and has a big warm and friendly tone. More details

JTL Violin, Mirecourt circa 1895

Recently sold

JTL ViolinIt’s very hard to beat a good JTL violin, and this is an unusually good one – very attractive, in great condition, and with an excellent sound. More details

A Mittenwald Violin circa 1870


Mittenwald ViolinThis is a good Mittenwald violin of the Neuner and Hornsteiner type, with a typical deep red varnish that’s slightly craquelled. More details

Violins for sale under £5k

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