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Our current selection of fine antique violins for sale in this price range. If you are looking for something in particular please ask us – we are often able to help customers buy violins through our international contacts.

James Steele Violin, London 1924


James Steele ViolinThis is a lovely English violin in the tradition of Joseph Chanot. It’s in pretty much flawless condition and the sound is just great. More details

HC Silvestre Workshop Violin, Paris, circa 1890


HC Silvestre Workshop ViolinThis is a lovely violin from the late 19th century bearing an authentic Silvestre label, but most likely a bought-in Mirecourt instrument. It has a terrific sound, and it would be ideal for a talented young player. More details

Jerome Thibouville-Lamy Violin, Mirecourt 1905


Jerome Thibouville-Lamy ViolinJerome Thibouville-Lamy, or JTL, is one of the best-known names in the violin trade. The JTL mega-workshops in the Vosges produced hundreds of thousands of violins from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century. Mostly these were student violins which have remained popular on account of their excellent sound. But they also produced beautiful handmade “violons de maitre”, most likely the work of Alfred Acoulon – these were signed and numbered, and sold at the time for 10 times the price of their ever-popular Barnabetti-labelled instruments. More details

Alfred Acoulon Violin, Mirecourt circa 1910


Alfred Acoulon Violin,Alfred Acoulon was the foremost luthier employed by the Jerome Thibouville Lamy workshops, and he produced their flagship instruments under the soubriquet “Lutherie Parisienne”. Violins sold under his label were made entirely by him – in 1912 an Alfred Acoulon cost 20 times the price of a Geronimo Barnabetti. More details

A Good Mittenwald Violin, circa 1820


A Good Mittenwald ViolinThis is a lovely Mittenwald “Verleger” violin in outstanding condition, with a bright zingy sound that’s full of character. More details

Nicolas Mathieu Violin, Mirecourt circa 1800


Nicolas Mathieu ViolinA fine early Mirecourt violin in mint condition and with an excellent sound More details

Gustav Lütschg Violin, Bern 1927


Gustav Lütschg ViolinGustav Lütschg was a fine Swiss maker, pupil of and successor to Gustav Methfessel. This violin is a lovely example of his work in near-perfect condition, with a rich and slightly dark sound. More details

A Fine Berlin Violin, circa 1920


A Fine Berlin ViolinThis is a rather beautiful violin which used to be a Bisiach pretending to be a Guiseppe Rocca! It’s a great example of the early 20th century Berlin copy style with a very fine sound. More details

Charles JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1887


Charles JB Collin-Mézin ViolinCollin-Mézin is one of the best known names in the violin trade. 19th century instruments made by CH JB Collin-Mézin offer great tone and great workmanship at an affordable price. More details

A Fine Prague/Vienna Violin, circa 1800

Recently sold

A Fine Prague/Vienna ViolinThis is an exceptional sounding insturment made around 1800 in the Prague/Vienna school. It’s one of the best sounding violins we have in stock, and worthy of a top level player. More details

Ch.JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1885


Ch.JB Collin-Mézin ViolinThis is a fine early Collin-Mézin violin in excellent condition, and with a characteristically bold and rich sound. More details

Nicolaus Georg Skomal Violin, Graz 1804


Nicolaus Georg Skomal ViolinNicolaus Skomal was a Prague maker who lived and worked in Graz, Austria, producing violin family instruments as well as guitars and lutes. This violin is beautifully made exhibiting great skill, and the sound is first class. More details

Tomáš Hulinzky Violin, Prague 1776


Thomas Hulinzky ViolinHulinsky is one of the most interesting Prague makers of the 18th century, and this is a very refined example of his work. Beautiful craftsmanship, great wood, and a first class sound. More details

Jan Kulik Violin, Prague circa 1850


Jan Kulik ViolinJan Kulik is perhaps the most refined maker of the Prague school. His violins are very individual, artistic and yet precise. This is a fine example with a superb sound, loosely based on a Gragnani and carrying a Gragnani label. More details

A Fine Anonymous Violin, mid 19th Century


Fine Anonymous ViolinThis is a violin which has so far resisted all attempts at identification. Made in the copy style, most likely by the Dollenz family in Trieste, it’s an outstanding concert instrument with a rich, complex, bright voice. More details

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