This is a lovely late example of the work of Vladimir Pilar, one of the best Czech modern makers and in my view one of the all-time greats – it’s in mint condition and the sound is outstanding.

Please see this listing for some general background on Vladimir Pilar.

This example is modelled on the d’Egville del Gesu from 1735, and it’s a very faithful copy – as usual the workmanship and materials are first class, with a wood selection that follows the original closely. The condition is exemplary and the instrument is pretty much unused.

The violin comes with its original certificate of sale from the maker, showing that it was originally bought by Malcolm Sadler of Ealing Strings.

There’s very little to say about this violin – if you’re prepared to see past the fact that it was made in a country once occupied by the Soviets, then you will also recognize that it’s a first class concert instrument by an unusually talented maker.

Bold, bright, sophisticated and full of nuance, it just makes any other violin sound a bit half-hearted.

Definitely not a shy violin and not for a shy player, but soundwise it’s a fully realized modern violin, and the price/quality ratio is an absolute joke.

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