This is a fine mid-19th century English cello bow, most likely made in the workshop of William Tubbs. It’s a rare and collectable bow in excellent original condition.

Although this bow bears an authentic Dodd brand and has a head shape identical in model to the James Dodd cello bow pictured on page 366 of “The British Violin”, we believe that these bows were made by the Tubbs family, most likely a collaboration between William Tubbs and his son James.

This is a slightly archaic model with a monolithic and rather square head and wood to wood plain ebony mounts. The stick is of round section pernambuco of unusually fine quality.

It’s a beautifully preserved example of a model of cello bow which remains very popular with players to this day.

There are a few small dunts and nibbles to the stick including light forcep indentations to either side of the head, but the overall condition is very fine for the age of the bow. The ivory face is original.

A remarkably strong bow for its weight – the camber is excellent and there’s no deviation in the stick.

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