Buying Policy

If we are interested in buying something from you, the first thing we will do is to give you our opinion on what the bow or instrument is and what we would sell it for. We’ll then offer you the option of either selling it to us outright or selling it through us on commission.  If you don’t mind waiting for your money, you will make more by selling on commission. It is very rare that we would buy anything on the basis of photos alone – in most cases we would need to see the item and judge its playability and condition. We are particularly interested in buying fine French bows and also historic violins and violas from Prague/Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

Information We Need

If you would like us to consider buying your bow or instrument please send photos which are as close as possible to the ones below (set your camera to high quality if possible). Please also include detailed measurements (bows – total length and weight; violins – length of back).
Email or call us to discuss.

Photos for Bows

Photos to provide for selling a violin bow

Photos for Violins & Violas

Photos for selling violins and bows

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Contact us

We offer a personal service to all our customers, and are happy to chat on the phone or by email.

We have violin dealer insurance for sending instruments internationally and all purchases from the website are covered by a 14 day return policy.

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