The instruments and bows which we offer for sale are carefully curated. We welcome the opportunity to sell on behalf of musicians and collectors, but we are very particular about only representing things which we are confident will be of interest to our customers. In general, we are looking for instruments and bows which are in good condition and have certificates or known provenance. However, there are exceptions to this, and we can organise repairs and obtain certificates for important items.

If you have something valuable and want to make sure that you get the best price for it, do get in touch. Our pricing is transparent (the retail price will be on the website unless you request it to be POA) and we will pay you immediately after a sale is concluded. We only rarely buy things outright, but by selling through us on consignment you will make more money than you could by going for a quick sale, either with us or an auction house.

The first stage is for you to send us some photos and information. If we are interested in representing your instrument or bow, we will give you our opinion on who the maker is and the likely retail price. In most cases we would then need to see the item and judge its playability and condition before agreeing terms with you.

Information We Need

If you would like us to consider selling your instrument or bow please send photos which are as close as possible to the ones below (set your camera to high quality if possible). Please also include detailed measurements (bows – total length and weight; violins – length of back), photos of any certificates and/or information about provenance.

Contact us by email or phone.

Photos for Bows

Photos to provide for selling a violin bow

Photos for Violins

Photos for selling violins and bows

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We offer a personal service to all our customers, and are happy to chat on the phone or by email.

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We also welcome customers by appointment to our showroom in Wells, Somerset, and we make regular trips to meet clients in London, Brussels, Cologne, Munich and Vienna.

Martin Swan